Frequently Asked Questions

a) Questions related to registration and available content

1. What happens if I don't receive the registration confirmation email?

You should check your junk mail or spam folder as many times these types of emails are stored in this section of the box. If you have not received the mail in any of the inboxes, you must send an email to and we will send you the steps to follow to validate your mail.

2. Once I receive the email with the confirmation of registration is the process completed?

When you open the email you will see a button that says "enter" which you must press to confirm the mail. The system will send you to a screen on the platform confirming that you have successfully completed the registration.

3. How do I access the platform to see the exclusive content for registered users?

You will have to register, validate your email and log in to the platform.

4. Does the registration cost?

The registration to access certain information and/or certain temporary content will be free of charge. The platform will inform the different levels of subscription and/or price for access to the events advertised in the different media.

5. What material and/or sections can I access and for how long?

The initial registration will give access to exclusive information related to the Triple Crown Event and to exclusive content that will be available on a temporary basis. Access to events, sections, video on demand and other content will be through paid subscription and/or purchase of tickets according to the rules and conditions detailed in the platform.

b) Questions related to the purchase of tickets:

6. How do I access the events once the ticket has been purchased?

Once the purchase process has been completed, on the days of the games you will be able to access them and the stored contents to enjoy them whenever you want.

7. Who should I contact if I have problems in the purchase process or with the reception of the email with the purchase confirmation?

For queries about the purchase process you must access the selected payment gateway and contact the means of contact established in each case.

8. What content/event can I access with the ticket purchase?

You can only access the content explicitly detailed in the Ticket.

9. Does the data uploaded for the purchase imply that I am already registered on the platform?

No. The purchase of the ticket is independent of the registration on the platform. Once you have purchased a ticket, you must register on the platform to enter the event.

c) Contact mail:

10. Where can I contact you if I have any problem with the platform?

The e-mail for personal assistance is